Concord Monitor: Unexpected love poems

October 10, 2012

Author deals with divorce with depth



Poet Sharon Olds with Carl Wallman on their porch in Pittsfield. She and Wallman, a retired cattle farmer, met in 2006.

By  / Monitor columnist

October 7, 2012

“Divorce after a long marriage usually leaves at least one former spouse bitter and angry. The pain of betrayal blots out all else. Knowing, as I did for years, that Sharon Olds was working on a collection of poems about the breakup of her 30-year marriage, I winced when the book showed up in my mail.

Imagine my delight when I discovered that Olds had not written Stag’s Leap to vent about the man who left her for another woman. Instead the poems’ subject is what she lost: her lover in body and soul, the faith she had placed in their marriage vows, love itself. Not to sound too country-corny about it, Stag’s Leap is about love in the rearview mirror.”


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